What to Bring

Before visiting The Framing Studio, use the following checklist in order to make your visit the best experience ever

  • Remember to bring your art work

  • If you are trying to match to another frame or mat, bring that in if you can, if you can’t bring the other piece in, please take a snap of it with your phone and bring that.

  • Bring a snap of the room you think you’ll be hanging the art in – close up of wall colors and other pieces always help.

  • Think about your overall style… Contemporary, traditional, transitional, modern…

  • If you have space limitations, measure and bring those in so we can fit your new frame into your space so it fits and that it’s proportionately pleasing.

  • If you have no idea on where to start, bring your art in and we can talk through the process-
    It’s not as scary as it seems!

framing studio map