The importance of the correct glass framed on your art.

Selecting the correct type of glass or acrylic for your framed photographs, art, mementos is of utmost importance.

Glass varies in thickness, ie: 2mm and 2.5mm, and comes in many choices depending on the type of art being framed. The most economical glass is plain clear glass. Plain clear glass offers no protection against harmful UV rays. UV rays are not only generated by the sun with direct or indirect sunlight but can also be generated by regular household lighting sources.

Other selections are more appropriate for photographs and art that is to be framed. These include:

  • Non-glare glass in single and double sided etch. Single sided etch will offer greater clarity than double sided etch. Non-glare glass blocks 45% UV with a light transmission of 90%.
  • Reflection Control glass is a single etch process which blocks 53% UV with the same 90% light transmission.
  • Extra Clear glass will block 45% UV – it is also washed and polished. Available in 2.5mm thickness.
  • Premium Clear glass will offer the same 45% UV protection and will also allow 90% light transmission, also 2.5mm in thickness.
  • Water White glass comes in regular and anti-reflection.  With 98% light transmission makes colors sharper and details more visible.  No special cleaners are required for this glass.
  • TrueVue glass offers 98.5% light transmission is scratch resistant and anti-static
  • Conservation Clear glass blocks 99% UV light and has 91% light transmission
  • Museum glass will block 99% of UV light and allows 97% light transmission.
  • Crystal clear glass offers no UV protection – it is float glass washed and polished. It is 2mm in thickness.

The above choices are also available in acrylic which offers half the weight of conventional glass choices.

Choosing the correct glass is one of the most important aspects of having your art framed.  This is one of the many reasons to use a qualified professional picture framer for your valued treasures.

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