5 Reasons to Shop Locally and Use an Independent Frame Shop

  1. Marietta frame shop and studio for your picturesIt is the ethical choice. By buying from an independent frame shop, you get the expertise of the frame shop staff.  Not a part time worker that today may be working in the framing department and tomorrow may be working in the paint department or the fabric section of the store.  A shop committed to custom picture framing will have staff educated in framing all different types of art and treasures and know about conservation, glazing, mat choices, composition and much, much more
  2. You may get a better deal or some good advice. Local frame shop owners will have advice on the best choices to fit your budget, your style and your wants and needs.  Typically, a big box store will carry a limited selection of frames from a few different vendors while an independent frame shop may have samples from  20 or more vendors, thus giving the consumer more and varied choices of style, shape, color and cost.
  3. You can sometimes try before you buy. As we all know, homes vary one from another, lighting, furnishings etcetera can make a huge difference in the way something appears.  While the color of the mat choice in the frame shop may seem perfect, when you get it home – it may take on a different appearance or, the mahogany desk you are trying to match up with a frame looks good in the lighting of the shop, but completely different on the wall above the desk!  Locally owned frame shops will most likely let you borrow samples to ensure you are making the correct decision depending on your space.
  4. You can help build communities. Bookshops, cafes and frame shops often host local authors, artists and give back to their communities through donations and special events.  By supporting local mom and pop stores, these events and artists are supported in turn keeping the local economy strong and vibrant.
  5. You will be supporting local entrepreneurs. By using a locally owned frame shop, you are not only supporting them but they, in turn, support local vendors that employ your friends, family and neighbors.  Local businesses give every town its own flavor, rather than the cookie cutter style of chain stores.  Local businesses keep more of your dollars in your community too.  For every $100 spent in an independent locally owned store $68 returns to the community through, taxes, payroll and other expenditures.  If you spend that in a national chain, only $43 stays home… spend it online, and nothing stays home!

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