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5 Reasons to Shop Locally and Use an Independent Frame Shop

It is the ethical choice. By buying from an independent frame shop, you get the expertise of the frame shop staff.  Not a part time worker that today may be working in the framing department and tomorrow may be working in the paint department or the fabric section of the store.  A shop committed to…
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Good question…and one that comes up often ! Have you ever gone to a frame shop and been surprised by the cost of professional picture framing? This is actually a pretty common reaction to hearing the cost of anything built by a professional to custom specs. It’s not only picture frames that can seen pricey…Think…
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Tips for Choosing the Right Custom Frame

KNOW YOUR STYLE Give your framer some info on what else you have in your home or your space where your new art work is going to hang. Do you prefer, contemporary, rustic or something in between? BE OPINIONATED – BUT ALSO OPEN MINDED We know you come here for advice, but the first thing…
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The importance of the correct glass framed on your art.

Selecting the correct type of glass or acrylic for your framed photographs, art, mementos is of utmost importance. Glass varies in thickness, ie: 2mm and 2.5mm, and comes in many choices depending on the type of art being framed. The most economical glass is plain clear glass. Plain clear glass offers no protection against harmful…
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